Adamas Thailand

Adamas (Thailand) Office & Plant

  Established 5 April 1994      
  Employees 22 Persons      
  Chairman Mr. Masaaki Nomura      
  Head office & Factory 42/487-488 Moo 5, Soi Tetsaban 10      
  Petchkasem Rd., Tambol Raiking,      
  Amphur Sampran ,Nakronpathom      
  Province 73210      
  Tel & Fax Tel. (66)02-811-4671      
  Fax. (66)02-811-4674    
  Website http://www.adamasthai.com      

The foundation of Adamas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.  

Adamas (Thailand) Philosophy      
  1. Order and Harmony      
  Everything in the world is existing with harmony.      
  Let's maintain the order of the organization and do work to contribute to the world.      
  2. Relation and System      
  Everything in the world is existing with relation each other.      
  The system is related by meeting the person, and It needs the huge and correct.      
  Plan (dream) to expand the system and be functional .      
  Let's have eyes to see inner meaning of the phenomenon.      
  3. Fluidity and Creation      
  Everything in the world is always changed and be fluid.      
  There is a creation not to fall into mannerism and to keep always prospering.      
  Let's do what to do now for the future.      
  В (These three principles refer to teaching the transmigration of the soul of the religion В and are set in the      
  basis of the idea of the Adamas employee's behavior)      
      Chairman   Masaaki Nomura      











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The Motto of Adamas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.      
Adamas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Take care of all needs what you want!!      

Building a network to obtain the latest information from a wider view. Creating a company system in which one

can make correct judgments and make good use of the information obtained. Establishing a technique which will be      
used in the next generation and using it in the business. Adamas Thailand is professional company. We have engineers      
who constantly try to achieve new techniques and skilled manufacturing technicians who support this  endeavor.      
Adamas Thailand make good use of its know-how as a pioneer in the field of high precision processing.  We do not try to      
compete in terms of size. Instead, our goal is to be indispensable in our field. Therefore, we try to communicate      
with our customers by creating a system in which we can obtain, analyze, and make use of the latest information.
Our primary goal is to give our customers the exact products they need. In order to achieve this, we are all      
engineers and sales people at the same time.      

The origin of the name of the company


In Latin, diamonds were called “adamas”, meaning “a thing that is hard to conquer” or “a thing that does not

break.” Diamonds are composed of common soft carbon. However, they are the hardest mineral on earth and have      
many mysterious and superior characteristics due to their unique structure, which is called the isometric system.      
Although our company Adamas Thailand is also a common small body, it aims to be an enterprise with superior      
characteristics resembling those of diamonds, by having the structure of a diamond’s configuration and by      
manifesting the multiplied strength of solidly-connected individuals.      
Adamas (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. Company Profile      
Ten large features of Adamas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd      
  1. Adamas Thailand is a company that manufactures Diamond Blade for the only electronic part processing of the      
  Southeast Asian district.          
  2. Adamas Thailand has supported the electronic part manufacturing optics part manufacturing in the world for      
  15 years.          
  3. Adamas Thailand concentrates the brain in the person world of technology Thailand in Japan and is doing the      
  4. Adamas Thailand is doing the thing-making by the quality of the world standard to answer a state-of-the-art      
  5. Adamas Thailand developed a new commodity for the market related to the car.      
  6. Adamas Thailand is the only company that thinks about Diamond for the ultraprecision В machining with the      
  customer near the market and supports it.        
  7. Adamas Thailand is only doing the application of precise blade in Southeast Asia.      
  8. Adamas Thailand is manufactures made of ceramic bond all blade.      
  9. Adamas Thailand delivery date satisfies the customer's demand early a low price and a high quality.      
10. Adamas Thailand quickly satisfies the market demand on an original network.      

" Quality policy "


High quality and stability are offered to the customer by just-in-time.


" Quality target "


1. Improvement of manufacturing yield up 20%


2. Decrese of customer complaint down to 0 (zero)


3. Delivery on time to customer 100%