Detail of Diamond Wheel


Size of Diamond abrasive grain


Kind of Bond material

            Bonding Materials


Resin Bond (BпјЏAdamas)


Metal-Resin Bond (MB)


Metal Bond (M)


Ni Electroforming Bond (EFM)


Electroplating Bond (P)


Vitrified Bond (V)


Bond hardness


Diamond Concentration


Selection of Bond

пјЉProcessing conditions that are the kind with various processing materials, and requested are different.As a result, if Bond of proper hardness and sharpness is not selected, it doesnвЂt become it.

пјЉThe processing side quality like the chipping etc. faces the aspect low though electroformed Bond is hard and the life is long and Resin Blade is an opposite performance.

пјЉThe selah braid of the ADAMAS Co. is also energizing when processing it for the touch sensor and is suitable also for the processing of the compound material with the metal material.



•IC Packaging of Semiconductor


•SMD Electronic Components

•Opto-Electronic: LED Die

•Opto-communication Industry




•IC BGA/CSP/QFN Substrates


•SMD Components


•LED Packaging, PCB Substrates


•III-V LED Wafer


•Silicon Wafer


•Glass (DWDM, CMOS Sensor), Ceramics (MLCC, LTCC)


, SAW Filters, Copper Lead Frame, Plastic, etc вЂ