Cera Blade is a blade of having pore composed of the
     ceramics. This blade has achieved sharpness that breaks
     past common sense. While cutting of it depends on the fact
     that the ceramic binder crushes minutely, it possesses native
     departure blade action, it is dress unnecssary to the last. By
     adjusting the uniting level, process quality and life matched
     to work can be set.
Comparison of ware according to uniting level. SEM image  

Application according to grid size      Bridge building structure by ceramic bond

  Because the possession of the pore and the

  amount of the abrasive grain thrusting out are high,

  it is excellent in sharpness.

QFN Package cutting data    



     вЂў The occurrence of burr is small.

     вЂў Because power to maintain diamond is strong,

     the blade life is long.